JUNE 21, 2022 @2:30 PM

Explorer Hotel, Yellowknife , NWT



1) Call to Order

2) Approval of minutes of virtually held meeting of  September 28, 2021

3) President’s Report

4) Treasurer’s Report

5) Report of International Director

6) Nominating Committee report ( election of new Board of Directors)

7) Date and place of next AGM ,Mövenpick Hotel , Marrakesh,Morocco on a date between May 11-14, 2023



21 juin 2022 @ 1430 h

Explorer hotel, Yellowknife, Territoires du



Ordre du jour

1)         Ouverture de la réunion

2)         Révision et adoption du process-verbal de la l’AGA le 28 septembre 2021

3)         Rapport de la  présidente

4)         Rapport de la trésorière

5)         Rapport de la représentante du comité international

6)         Rapport du comité de nomination (élection des nouveaux membres du conseil  d’administration)

7)         Date et lieu de la prochaine assemblée générale annuelle Mövenpick Hotel Mansour Eddhabi Marrackech , Marrachek, Maroc Á une date entre le 11 et le 14, mai 2023






The Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Chapter of the International Association of Women Judges will be held on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 2:30 p.m. MDT at the Explorer Hotel, Yellowknife, NWT.

L’Assemblée générale annuelle du Chapitre Canadien de l’Association Internationale des femmes juges se tiendra mardi, le 21 juin, 2022 à 14h30 MDT à l’hôtel Explorer, Yellowknife, NWT.

Gisele MillerSecretary-Secretaire

I, _____________________ , give my proxy to _____________________ , to vote in my name at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Chapter of the International Association of Women Judges, on June 21, 2022 at the Explorer Hotel, Yellowknife. By this same proxy, I authorize ____________ to vote in my name as Director at the Directors’ meeting that will follow immediately thereafter, on each and every matter, resolution and bylaws that will be discussed at that meeting.

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Je, __________________ , donne ma procuration à
________________, afin de voter en mon nom àl’Assemblée générale annuelle du Chapitre Canadien de l’Association Internationale des Femmes Juges, le 21 juin 2022 à l’hôtel Explorer, Yellowknife. Par cette meme procuration, j’autorise aussi ____________ à voter en mon nom comme administratrice à l’assemblée du Counseil d’administration qui s’ensuivra, concernant chaque matiere, proposition, ou reglement qui sera discute à cette assemblée.

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A Room of Your Own Book Club

In June 2021, Tanya Lee contacted us about the book club she had started for at risk teenage girls and which she described as “the epitome of diversity, inclusion and equity”.  Based in Toronto and in existence now for approximately five years, she explained that A Room of Your Own Book Club was a “registered nonprofit” providing free books for at risk teenage girls and holding Zoom meetings with the author.

The books selected by Ms. Lee “focus on mental health and wellness”.  She described the female authors as being “from all different backgrounds so the girls see themselves reflected in the novels” and her teenage girl members as “exceptionally bright, studious, articulate and inspirational” young women who could “with opportunity, guidance and leadership from the Canadian Chapter of the International Association of Women Judges, …make Canada proud and become Justices one Day”.

The focus of Ms. Lee’s book club are consistent with the objects of our Chapter and in particular Articles 3.3 – 3.5 and 3.8.

How could we not respond to Ms. Lee’s invitation to partner with her initiative?

Over the course of the next few months we settled upon the proposed donation of the cost to purchase and distribute 500 copies of the book, The Last Girl, a true account of captivity of a young girl in Iraq, by human rights activist and Nobel Prize winning author Nadia Murad. The Book Club event for this book was to be held on February 22nd, 2022 being Canada’s National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

Since this Resolution was approved by our Board of Directors, Ms. Lee (in partnership with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights) has enlarged the activities surrounding the book club event for The Last Girl to 4 separate events to be held on February 15th, 16th 17th and 22nd, 2022.

The February 16th event is a panel discussion on Human Trafficking. I will participate with Senator Julie Mivelle- Dechene as well as one of our members, Judge Claudine McCarthy who was involved in a human trafficking case in Nova Scotia.

The Chapter is extremely proud of its small contribution to this wonderful initiative and congratulates Ms. Lee on the work she has done towards empowering these teenage girls and in giving them a safe zone within which to express themselves.

Afghan Women Judges Rescue and Support

On August 17th, 2021 the Judges Association of New Zealand (JANZ) issued a flash release which read in part:

“Over the past 20 years, the civil society of Afghanistan has been dramatically transformed; in 2003, just two years after Taliban rule ended, fewer than 10 percent of girls were enrolled in primary school.  By 2017 that number had risen to 33 percent.  Women could not serve as judges.

Today, Afghanistan’s 250 female judges make up about ten percent of the country’s judiciary.

There is no ambiguity surrounding the intent of the Taliban. …With (their) control,… the 20-year effort to build a more robust civil society will be lost as fundamentalism and terror take hold.

At the brunt of retribution will doubtless be our sisters and their brother judges.  They are now in the front line because they did no more than you will do today.  Go to a court room and uphold the rule of law….”

Quoting Justice Ruiz, the statement acknowledged that in “January two female judges from Afghanistan’s Supreme Court were assassinated in Kabul.  The killings are part of a spate of violence that has included prominent politicians, journalists and activists in recent months”.  The JANZ called for “urgent, sustained and meaningful support for those in Afghanistan now likely to be adversely affected by current events”.

In June 2020, Justice Mona Lynch became Past President of our Chapter and assumed the position of International Director.  As our liaison with the IAWJ she became a member of a committee dedicated to the rescue of women judges from Afghanistan. To say that she has worked tirelessly on this initiative over the last six months would be an understatement.  We are extremely proud of the contribution Justice Lynch has made to the work of this IAWJ Committee.

To date, the IAWJ, in conjunction with other agencies worldwide, was able to successfully extract approximately 160 women judges and their families from Afghanistan.  The majority of our sister judges who were evacuated remain in other countries including Greece, Poland and Romania awaiting the processing of their applications to immigrate elsewhere.  Our expectation is that approximately 40 of these will resettle in Canada.  Our first Afghan woman judge arrived in British Columbia on February 3, 2022.


While the rescue effort continues, the Chapter has turned its attention to the support that we can provide to these women judges. Under the Chair of Justice Sheri Donegan, we created an Afghan Women Judges Support Committee.   As part of this valuable initiative we called on members to volunteer to be Partner Judges and 70 of you responded.

Justice Donegan’s Committee has been extremely busy.

A Pre-Arrival group of seven judges has been established to provide virtual support and information for some of the Afghan Judges prior to them being matched with a local partner judge on arrival.

Committee members are currently participating in educational programs respecting Afghanistan’s history, culture and judicial system. They are learning how other countries have supported immigrating Afghan Women Judges (in particular the UK) and what we can anticipate as the effects upon these women from the trauma they have endured. The Committee has investigated how the support we can provide will mesh with Federal Government programs for these women as Government Assisted Refugees.

The Committee is currently developing resource materials and an education program to assist the volunteer partner judges.

Meanwhile, the Chapter has been flooded with unsolicited offers of financial assistance.

The Chapter is an unregistered association without charitable status and unable to provide tax receipts and we recognize that our Ethical Principles speak against our involvement in the distribution of funds for Afghan Women judges. The Chapter is currently reviewing the various means by which we can best support these women on their arrival.

I congratulate Justice Lynch on the role she has played and will continue to play in the extraction of our sister judges and Justice Donegan and her committee in the ongoing effort to support them on arrival.   I also wish to thank all of you who have volunteered or contributed in various ways. This will be a long-term project of the Chapter and your continued offers of assistance are much appreciated.


Roundtables on the Retention of Women in the Practice of Law

In my last President’s Report, I spoke of the Project Committee’s consideration of initiatives for Board approval.  Subsequently, the Board accepted the proposal of the Project Committee Chair, Justice Marina Paperny, for Roundtables to be held across the country with a view to identifying what we could do to assist in the retention of female lawyers in the profession.

As Justice Ruiz encouraged us all during her announcement of the UN Declaration last May, we must continue to identify where there are issues, such as the glass ceiling responsible for under-representation in higher levels.  If we do not identify obstacles and challenges, concrete solutions cannot be devised.

Roundtable events have now been held in Ontario, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Manitoba.  Prince Edward Island, Quebec and British Columbia are in the planning stages for their events.

In most of the jurisdictions where Roundtables were held, the local CBA Chapter and/or the Law Society partnered with us to hold the virtual event. In my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador I am proud to report that the Law Society recognized the event with the acknowledgment that attendance would qualify for 3 hours of continuing education credit.  The Chapter is extremely grateful for the support of each of the groups who have partnered with us to date.

The form of the Roundtable varied by location, but the feedback was consistent.  The participants thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to speak openly in a supportive environment about problems that persist, and they have asked for more opportunity to do so.

The results from each jurisdiction were summarized and to date they reflect a common theme.  Bias and stereotypes persist; work life balance is virtually impossible to achieve and perhaps most troubling, members reported being victims of sexual harassment in the workplace and not having access to a feasible solution to a potential complaint.

These results are also consistent with a compilation of existing reports and surveys on the promotion and retention of women in law firms which had been prepared for the Chapter prior to the Roundtable events being held.

I congratulate Justice Paperny, the Projects Committee and those members who participated in the Roundtables held to date and those that are scheduled for the future.  Once all the events have been held, the Committee will present a proposal to the Board for the ongoing support that we can provide to women in the profession.


Membership Drive   

In closing I remind members of the challenge presented to us on January 28, 2022 by our Membership Chair, Judge Angela McLeod, who has asked each of us to encourage one female judge to join the Chapter.  Our current membership represents only one third of women judges in Canada.  Please extol to your colleagues the benefit of membership in our Chapter.


Gillian Butler, President CCIAWJ

Court of Appeal for Newfoundland and Labrador