Projects Committee

This committee is focused on identifying projects that the CCIAWJ can do to help fulfill its mandate of assisting women in the practice of law and addressing the ongoing inequality of women lawyers.

Over the years, the CCIAWJ has donated money to different law schools to create scholarships for women law students as a means of assisting with equal access to education.

In recent years, the board has noticed that the attrition rate of women lawyers is not improving. As a result, the board committed itself to help identify the present issues facing women lawyers and to also identify specific programs or steps that can be taken to better support women lawyers. As a first step in this process, a number of provinces partnered with local law societies and bar associations to conduct roundtable discussions with women lawyers to hear about their present experiences and suggestions for next steps. Each of these roundtable discussions were valuable not only for the information gathered, but as a means for women lawyers to meet, support and mentor each other.

Moving forward we will be setting up a national group, made up of members from the provincial round table discussions. This group will then identify concrete action items for the Projects Committee to implement.

If you would like further information please contact the Chair of the Committee Renee Pomerance:

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the online membership portal, developing strategic planning regarding membership development and ensuring that membership in our Chapter is beneficial to those who join.
There are several categories of membership as per our Constitution:
Any person who has qualified for a judicial position in accordance with the federal or provincial or territorial laws of Canada and holds a judicial or quasi-judicial position and is not engaged in the practice of law may become a voting member of the CCIAWJ by applying in writing to the CCIAWJ and paying the applicable annual dues.
Honorary members shall be non-voting and exempt from the payment of annual dues. Any person nominated by any member and approved by the Executive Committee, may become an honorary member and shall be entitled to receive all general mailings of the CCIAWJ.
Upon retirement, any member may continue as a voting member, upon payment of annual dues of the CCIAWJ, provided the member does not engage in the practice of law. Retired members shall not be eligible to hold office or sit on the Board of Directors.
A person who is interested in and supports the goals of the CCIAWJ and who is not otherwise eligible for membership may become a member as a “Friend of the CCIAWJ” by submitting a membership form, accompanied by the written support of one member in good standing, together with the applicable dues as determined by the Board of Directors. “Friends of the CCIAWJ” shall not be voting members nor shall they be entitled to hold office, but shall receive all communications sent to other members.

If you would like further information please contact the Chair of the Committee Edith Campbell:

Afghan Judges Support Committee

Our sister judges from Afghanistan risked their lives everyday to uphold the rule of law and stand against the persecution of women. When the Taliban assumed control of Afghanistan, these courageous women were forced to flee their homes, leaving people they love and everything they knew, behind. Canada has the privilege of receiving many of these women and their families. Through the partner judge program and other initiatives, our committee is working to provide our sisters with the support they will need to rebuild meaningful lives in Canada. We welcome them with open arms.

Executive Committee

The Articles of Association of the CCIAWJ determines the composition of the Executive Committee to include the President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, International Director and a Director at Large.

Law Student Committee – An Evening with Women Judges

Each year members of the CCIAWJ participate in and contribute to funding an informal evening where women law students have an opportunity to interact with women judges.
The committee responsible for the event has divided the number of law schools in half and participates in the events at each law school on a biennial basis. Each year, 11 law schools are eligible, on a rotating basis, for a $500 contribution from the CCIAWJ to hold an event.

Historically, the event has been held in person, usually in the Spring or Fall. Four women judges (or more), ideally from different levels of court, attend their designated law school and spend the evening talking to students about their career path, being a woman in the legal profession, and any other topics that are of interest.

The committee welcomes volunteers to attend the events at the various law schools.

If you would like further information please contact the Chair of the Committee Margaret Wiebe: