Member Registration Type Selection

Member Registration Type Selection

Step One

Select Membership Type

Select the membership type you want to purchase, by scrolling down to the bottom of this page to see your options.

Step Two

Add to Cart

Add to cart and complete the purchase of your membership filling in your billing details when prompted.

NOTE: The billing details are a separate form than the membership registration form.

Step Three

Create an Account

After you have completed your purchase, you should be automatically redirected to fill out the membership registration form on a page titled “Create an Account“.

Step Four

Username & Password

On the “Create an Account” page, the username and password you enter into the form will be your login for the members section of the website so be sure to note those down.

NOTE: Your email address is not your username when logging into the site when the time comes.

Step Five

Set Membership Type

At the bottom of the form on the “Create an Account” page select your membership type from the drop down menu.

Step Six

Submit Registration

After filling in all the details on the member registration form be sure to click “Create Account” at the bottom to submit your member registration.

Step Seven

Email Verification

After clicking create account you will be sent an email to the email address you put into the form to verify your email address. Look in your inbox right away for that email and click the verify email link in it to finalize your member registration.

Step Eight


After verifying your email address you will be taken to a screen on our website that provides you with an activation key. You don’t need to copy the key or do anything with it. You just need to click the button marked “Activate”.

Important Note

The verification emails and email receipts may go to your spam folder and could take a few moments to come into your inbox. If you don’t get that verification email send an email to and let us know so we can manually activate your membership for you. Some email servers depending on the security settings may or may not allow this auto-generated email to come into your inbox.

You should also receive an email confirming your membership purchase has been made succesfully. This email, is the email you will need to print to pdf to submit as a receipt. If you do not receive the membership purchase receipt please contact us at the email noted above so that we can have that resent to you. It may also end up in your spam folder.

After you have registered to login to the website you visit the homepage of our website and click member login in the top right of the site. Enter your username and the password you created when you registered on the login screen and you should then see the members tab on the navigation bar if you are logged in successfully.

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