Welcome to the Canadian Chapter of the International Association of Women’s Judges.

The International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ) was started nearly thirty years ago by a core group of 50 dynamic and visionary women judges from around the world. The founders began with a vision of increasing the number of women judges and promoting equal justice for women and girls throughout the world. Today, the IAWJ has grown into a highly respected organization with over 6,500 judges in more than 100 countries and territories; we continue to expand its membership.

IAWJ Vision Statement – a world where gender equality, respect for human rights, and inclusive justice systems are the norm.

IAWJ Mission Statement – the IAWJ supports and empowers its global network of women judges to advance gender equality and human rights.

CCIAWJ Mission Statement – to enhance the work of women judges nationally and internationally in pursuit of equality, judicial independence and the rule of law.

The IAWJ works with its members around the world to cultivate a growing global network of women judges, create opportunities for judicial exchange, pioneer judicial education programs and advance human rights, eliminate gender bias from judicial systems, and promote equal access to the courts.

The CCIAWJ works closely with the IAWJ to fulfill these goals.