The CCIAWJ sponsors bursaries and scholarships in keeping with our goals to promote and enhance opportunities for women in law.
Dean Jochelson (center), CCIAWJ President Diana Cameron (right), CCIAWJ Board Member Judge Margaret Wiebe (left)
Dean Jochelson (center), CCIAWJ President Diana Cameron (right), CCIAWJ Board Member Judge Margaret Wiebe (left)

2024-2027 University of Manitoba Bursary Partnership

The CCIAWJ is pleased to advise that in 2023 it announced its intention to establish a $15,000 annually funded trust to be disbursed over three years in the amount of $5000 per year to an Indigenous female or transfeminine law student studying at the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Law. The bursary will commence in the fall of 2024. To support this initiative, the Faculty of Law is providing a matching award commencing in the 2023-2024 academic year for a student who matches the requirements of the bursary.

“I want to personally thank you for establishing the CCIAWJ Entrance Bursary at the University of Manitoba.

Your investment in the next generation of women lawyers not only paves their way to succeed but helps to shape the future of the legal profession. Every day, you lead by example in cultivating a community of excellence and continue to be a powerful voice in pursuit of a just world.”

Dr. Richard Jochelson Dean, Faulty of Law
Historically, the CCIAWJ has sponsored a number of awards including:
2019 – 2022

15,000 ($5000 annually for 3 years) bursary to support an Indigenous or Black Canadian student who identifies as female studying law at the Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University.

2009 – 2018
An annual $3000 grant to the Indigenous Law Centre (then the Native Law Center) at the University of Saskatchewan to aid an Indigenous female(s) to attend programs designed to prepare students for entry into law school.
2014 – 2017
An annual $5,000 scholarship to an Indigenous female law student studying law first or second year law at Lakehead University.
2014 – 2015
Louise Arbour Scholarship – $20,000 annual scholarship to assist a French speaking judge from a developing country to take graduate studies in an individualized program at the University of Montreal.