2024 Biennial Conference – Call for Silent Auction Donations

2024 Biennial Conference – Call for Silent Auction Donations


2024 Biennial Conference – Call for Silent Auction Donations

Dear CCIAWJ members:

Re: CCIAWJ Silent Auction Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

Our biennial conference is fast approaching. The conference, entitled Not Just a Label: Making Equity, Diversity and Inclusion a Reality in the Justice System, will be held from June 11-14, 2024 in beautiful Quebec City. Spaces are still available, so please consider joining us if you haven’t already registered.

As part of the fun, and has been our custom, we will be holding a silent auction during the conference. The proceeds from the auction will be used to fund our various projects and sponsorships, all outlined on our new website, which I would encourage you to explore.

To that end, we ask judges who are participating in the conference to consider bringing something to donate to the auction, and solicit your colleagues who cannot attend to donate something that you can transport for them. Items can be anything, big or small. In the past, donations have included:

  1. Tangible items, like jewellery, artwork, books, pottery, clothing, shawls, scarves and accessories unique to your province or territory (bearing in mind how it will travel home with the successful bidder!);
  • Experiences, like time at a personal cottage, a class or lesson, a lunch or dinner, and spa treatments;
  • Gift cards; and
  • Anything else that you imagine!

If you are planning to attend the conference, please bring the items with you and leave them with our committee either on the late afternoon/evening of the 11th, or the morning of the 12th. We will let you know where we will be located in another email, closer to the event. The auction items will be displayed during the conference and bidding will close during the reception on Thursday June 13.

If you are not planning to attend the conference, you can still participate. We would encourage you to donate something and have another member take it to the conference for you, and/or give that member your proxy to bid on items for you (remember to set a limit!).  Payment at the conference will be by e-transfer, although we will never turn away cash or a cheque!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Justice Sheri Donegan at Sheri.Donegan@BCCourts.ca. Thank you, as always, for making this a fun event and for supporting our various projects.