Projects Committee

This committee is focused on identifying projects that the IAWJCC can do to help fulfill its mandate of assisting women in the practice of law and addressing the ongoing inequality of women lawyers.

Over the years, the IAWJCC has donated money to different law schools to create scholarships for women law students as a means of assisting with equal access to education.

In recent years, the board has noticed that the attrition rate of women lawyers is not improving.  As a result, the board committed itself to help identify the present issues facing women lawyers and to also identify specific programs or steps that can be taken to better support women lawyers.   As  a first step in this process, a number of provinces partnered with local law societies and bar associations to conduct roundtable discussions with women lawyers to  hear about their present experiences and suggestions for next steps.   Reports were created from each of these roundtables and can be accessed below.    Each of these roundtable discussions were valuable not only for the information gathered, but as a means for women lawyers to meet, support and mentor each other.

Moving forward we will be setting up a national group, made up of members from the provincial round table discussions.  This group will then identify concrete action items for the programs committee to implement.


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