Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the online membership portal, developing strategic planning regarding membership development and ensuring that membership in our Chapter is beneficial to those who join.

There are several categories of membership as per our Constitution:

Any person who has qualified for a judicial position in accordance with the federal or
provincial or territorial laws of Canada and holds a judicial or quasi-judicial position and
is not engaged in the practice of law may become a voting member of the CCIAWJ by
applying in writing to the CCIAWJ and paying the applicable annual dues.

Honorary members shall be non-voting and exempt from the payment of annual dues.
Any person nominated by any member and approved by the Executive Committee, may
become an honorary member and shall be entitled to receive all general mailings of the

Upon retirement, any member may continue as a voting member, upon payment of
annual dues of the CCIAWJ, provided the member does not engage in the practice of law.
Retired members shall not be eligible to hold office or sit on the Board of Directors.

A person who is interested in and supports the goals of the CCIAWJ and who is not
otherwise eligible for membership may become a member as a “Friend of the CCIAWJ”
by submitting a membership form, accompanied by the written support of one member in
good standing, together with the applicable dues as determined by the Board of Directors.
“Friends of the CCIAWJ” shall not be voting members nor shall they be entitled to hold
office, but shall receive all communications sent to other members.


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