Law Student Committee – An Evening with Women Judges

Each year members of the CCIAWJ participate in and contribute to funding an informal evening where women law students have an opportunity to interact with women judges.

The committee responsible for the event has divided the number of law schools in half and participates in the events at each law school on a biennial basis.  Each year, 11 law schools are eligible, on a rotating basis, for a $500 contribution from the CCIAWJ to hold an event.

Historically, the event has been held in person.  Four women judges (or more), ideally from different levels of court, attend their designated law school and spend the evening talking to students about their career path, being a woman in the legal profession, and any other topics that are of interest.

With the advent of Covid-19 a number of the events were held virtually with success.  Traditionally, the event is held in the spring.  This year, due the anticipated lifting of restrictions related to Covid-19, a number of law schools opted to wait until the fall to hold their events in person.

The committee welcomes volunteers to attend the events at the various law schools.

If you would like further information please contact the Chair of the Committee.