Executive Committee

The Articles of Association of the CCIAWJ determines the composition of the Executive Committee to include the President, Vice President Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, International Director and a Director at Large.

2023 Board of Directors

Justice Diana Cameron (MB) – President

Justice Gillian Butler (NL) – Past President

Justice Mona Lynch (NS) –International Director

Justice Mara Greene (Ont) – Vice-President

Justice Gisele Miller (Ont) – Secretary

Justice Lana Krogan-Stevely (Sask) – Treasurer

Justice Sheri Donegan (BC) – Director at Large

Justice Michelle O’Bonsawin (SCC)

Judge Renee Couchard (AB)

Justice Marina Paperny (AB)

Chief Judge Margaret Wiebe (MB)

Judge Brigitte Volpe (NB)

Judge Jacqueline Jenkins (NL)

Justice Edith Campbell (YT)

Judge Elizabeth Buckle (NS)

Justice Renée Pomerance (ON)

Judge Krista MacKay (PEI)

Justice Alicia Soldevila (QC)

Justice Sophie Bourque (QC)

Judge Rosemarie Millar (QC)

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