2022 – 2023 Board of Directors


There shall be a Board of Directors composed of at least 12 and up to 24 members,
representing regions/courts in Canada, at a minimum as follows:
• 4 from the Western region (B.C., Alta., Sask. and Man.)
• 2 from Ontario
• 2 from Quebec
• 2 from the Atlantic region (N.S., N.B., P.E.I. and Nfld.)
• 1 from the Territories
• 1 from the Federal Court/Tax Court/Supreme Court

Every region, except the Territories and the Federal Courts shall have a least one
federally appointed representative and one provincially appointed representative. Where
two or more Directors represent any one province at least one shall be federally appointed
and at least one shall be provincially appointed unless candidates from each court cannot
be found. In this event, a province may have both representatives from the same level of
court, provided the regional representation shall have at least one member who is
federally appointed and one who is provincially appointed.

2022/2033 Board of Directors

Diana Cameron (MB) – President

Mara Greene (Ont) – Vice President

Gillian Butler (NL) – Past President

Mona Lynch (NS) – Past President, current International Director

Sheilah Martin (SCC) – Past President

Gisele Miller – Secretary

Lana Krogan-Stevely (Sask) – Treasurer

Sheri Donegan – Director at Large

Renee Couchard (AB)

Marina Paperny (AB)

Margaret Wiebe (MB)

Brigitte Volpe (NB)

Jacqueline Jenkins (NL)

Edith Campbell (YT)

Elizabeth Buckle (NS)

Renée Pomerance (ON)

Angela McLeod (ON)

Krista MacKay (PE)

Alicia Soldevila (QC)

Sophie Bourque (QC)

Rosemarie Millar (QC)